Motorcycle tyre novelties 2020

    There is movement in the motorcycle tyre market! New machines and changed riding behaviour create new needs for us bikers. In 2020 the manufacturers of motorcycle tyres will again be able to offer the right tyre for every rider. Of course we have them all for you - and to make your choice easier, we present the hottest models of the year.

    Bridgestone: innovations for niches and extreme requirements

    Continental: Sporty on the road - on and off the road

    Dunlop: A new all-rounder for every driving requirement

    Metzeler: Top sellers to be relaunched in 2020

    Michelin: With the Power Experience in 2020

    Battlax Classic Racing CR11

    The name says it all: the new Bridgestone Battlax Classic Racing CR11 is specifically designed for best track performance on classic bikes. It has already proven that it offers this in the FIM Europe Endurance Classic Cup. Several teams relied on the new product from Bridgestone, and the PoweRacing-JapAuto team even secured their first podium finish. Battlax Classic Racing CR11 warms up quickly and could withstand wet surfaces.

    From March you will find the Battlax Classic Racing CR11 also in our shop.

    Battlax BT46

    Bridgestone Battlax BT45 has been a bank in the classic sector for 22 years. In 2020, the design was further developed using the latest technology - to create the Battlax BT46.The cross-ply touring tyre scores with its modernisation in terms of feedback and handling. It also compensates for the age-related weaknesses of its predecessor when it comes to wet grip.

    Different sizes for front- and rear wheel are just a click away.

    Battlax Racing Street RS11

    n 2020, the RS10 will also have a worthy successor. The Battlax Racing Street RS11 stands for better grip and more precise handling - especially at lean angles. It clearly has its strengths on the race track, but can still be driven on the road.

    Stay tuned - we will soon have the Battlax Racing Street RS11 in our range.

    Battlecross E50 Extreme

    Just last year Bridgestone successfully launched a new enduro tyre, the Battlecross E50. One year later, the Battlecross E50 Extreme is a further development for demanding enduro races on the most difficult terrain. What counts most of all, of course, is grip and traction.

    You can already look forward to the Battlecross E50 Extreme!

    ContiSportAttack 4

    Continental brings a breath of fresh air to the supersport segment. Compared to its predecessor, the ContiSportAttack 4 scores with a significantly larger contact patch at low lean angles. The further development aims at even more grip, precision and handling and reaches new best values thanks to the BlackChili compound.

    Click here for the ContiSportAttack 4 in the shop.

    ContiRaceAttack 2 Street

    If this is not enough, a race tyre suitable for everyday use is a good alternative. The new ContiRaceAttack 2 StreetContiRaceAttack Comp. End.

    We already have the ContiRaceAttack 2 Street here for you.

    TKC 70 Rocks

    Do you also occasionally feel the need to move from the track into the terrain? The new TKC 70 Rocks is a crossover between the Continental's established TKC 70 and TKC 80 enduro tyres and offers you better off-road performance than the 70 and better on-road performance than the 80. This makes the new enduro tyre from Continental a real alternative for adventurers on and off the track.

    Here you can find all information about TKC 70 Rocks.


    Continental 2020 also has news for touring sports enthusiasts in its program. The new ContiRoad is classified as a long distance runner between the ContiRoadAttack 3 and its predecessor ContiRoadAttack 2. It features the latest "Engineered in Germany" technologies for thinner wallets.

    You can get the ContiRoad here.


    Last but not least, the smaller motorcycles also want to ride on modern tyres. Therefore, the newly developed ContiStreet diagonal tyre will replace its predecessor ContiGO! in 2020. Its design is based on the well-established and multiple award-winning ContiRoadAttack 3 test winner, and like its role model, ContiStreet focuses on reliability, grip and durability.

    Keep on looking at our website, the ContiStreet will be here soon.


    Dunlop launches a crossover tyre with the new Mutant. Rain, touring, home track - Dunlop promises top performance in almost all weather conditions with the Mutant. As a multi-purpose tyre, it is approved for use on touring enduros, naked bikes, scramblers and crossover bikes.

    You can find the new Dunlop Mutant here in the shop.

    Trailmax Meridian

    For adventurers and explorers, Dunlop introduced the Trailmax Meridian in the second half of last year. It is designed to meet the needs of enduro riders and give them even more freedom on and off the road. According to the manufacturer, its strengths lie in wet grip, sporty handling, mileage and off-road capability.

    The Dunlop Trailmax Meridian is already available with us.


    Among the supersport fans the SPORTEC™ M7 RR is an instance. For them, this is top news: Metzeler is launching a worthy successor with the SPORTEC™ M9 RR! It builds on the strengths of its predecessor and surpasses it in all areas according to the manufacturer's promise.

    The name SPORTEC™ stands for everyday road sport tyres which guarantee great driving experience, safety and versatility. The abbreviation RR stands for Road-Racing, and when you think of road racing, you inevitably think of the legendary Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, where Dean Harrison won the 2019 Senior TT Race on METZELER tyres. But road racing is not just about performance - the tyres have to work safely in unpredictable weather and road conditions. This central basis for every good road tyre was also the guiding principle of the new METZELER and therefore led to the credo "RIDE THE UNEXPECTED".

    ou can find the new SPORTEC™ M9 RR in different sizes here in our shop.

    ROADTEC™ 01 SE

    Another Metzeler top seller will get a new face in 2020. With the ROADTEC™ 01 SE METZELER is expanding its ROADTEC™ 01 program with a particularly powerful version. Wet handling and mileage remain the great strengths, but the new model noticeably enhances its sporty characteristics with even more grip and agility. It is therefore ideally suited for supersport riders, naked bikes and sport tour riders.

    The profile design of the ROADTEC™ 01 SE builds on that of the ROADTEC™ 01. In comparison, the tyre shoulder is now designed with a more positive tread pattern. This increases the contact area with the ground and offers maximum performance even at lean angles.

    Find the right size of the ROADTEC™ 01 SE here in our shop.

    RACETEC™ TD Slick

    You are looking for a race track and enjoy the advantages of a slick tyre, but don't want to be bothered by additional equipment? Then Metzeler has a new model for the race track for you - the RACETEC™ TD Slick. It promises best performance even without tyre warmer and special suspension set-up. This makes it a particularly easy to handle racetrack slick.

    One of the main features of the RACETEC™ TD Slick is a high and constant performance even after several sessions. It also offers great versatility when used on different track surfaces and at different operating temperatures, as well as high abrasion resistance. Particularly practical: to counteract one-sided wear, the rear tyre can be mounted in both running directions.

    Coming soon to our shop!

    ROADTEC™ Scooter

    ROADTEC™ 01, long established as a sports tyre, has now entered the scooter segment. The new ROADTEC™ Scooter is based on the top seller and is characterized by flexibility and versatility and can handle different weather and temperature conditions. Compared to previous scooter models, it offers more grip on wet and slippery roads, optimized handling and covers a wider temperature range.

    We already have your next scooter tyre in our shop - click here.

    Power 5

    The new Michelin Power 5 sports tyre will replace the Power RS and Power RS+ from 2020 and has been developed with a new carcass and new rubber compounds for maximum driving pleasure on public roads. The high silica content of the new rubber compounds of new Power 5 ensures high wet grip and long mileage.

    The new super sports tyre from Michelin is already available with us.

    Power GP

    The new MICHELIN Power GP complements the Hypersport range as a supersport tyre with a 50/50 driving profile (road/track). The new carcass ensures optimized handling of the Power GP. The rubber compounds have also been improved and the silica and carbon black content has been adjusted. Compared to the also new Power 5, the Power GP has an even lower negative percentage of 6.5%. The specially designed slick zones ensure maximum grip and high mileage in the race.

    Does it suit you? Then you can find the Power GP here in our shop.

    Power Cup 2

    The new Power Cup 2 offers even more sportiness: it is street legal, but above all it really gets going on the race track. The tread pattern alone is reminiscent of a slick, and the new compound also has a high carbon black content for maximum grip on dry roads and constant hot grip. The new Power Cup 2 replaces the Power Cup Evo and is already the first tyre to be mounted on the new KTM 890 Duke.

    Click here for the Power Cup 2.

    Power Slick 2

    With the new Power Slick 2 the well-known all-round racing tyre Power Slick Evo gets a significantly upgraded successor. The first-time use of the 2CT+ Bi-Compound technology on the rear wheel with a new compound with a high soot content is proof of this. Nevertheless, the newly developed plug&play slick tyre for trackdays and hobby racing retains its main characteristics - easy handling, high grip, high mileage - and with its short warm-up times quickly builds up confidence in its grip on the track.

    Here with us - soon with you on the track!

    Commander III

    In the cruiser segment, Michelin is launching the new Commander III in two versions - Cruiser and Touring. In both versions, wet grip and mileage are the main focus. For this purpose, the rubber compounds have been further developed and the contact area in sloping positions has been enlarged by a new contour.

    With 15 dimensions the Commander III Cruiser covers a wide range for many chopper and cruiser models. The Commander III Touring covers the needs of heavy super-tourers and can handle heavy loads.

    Both models are already available. Click here for the Commander III Cruiser and here for the Commander III Touring..

    City Grip 2

    For scooter riders, a lot of grip counts on all road types and especially in all weather conditions. Michelin wants to meet these requirements with the new City Grip 2. For this purpose, a new rubber compound with high silica content has been developed which, together with the new tread pattern with special "shark tooth" areas on the tread, offers high wet grip. At the same time, the combination of rubber compound and tread design ensures high mileage. The new City Grip 2 replaces the well-known City Grip and City Grip Winter as it also features the M&S marking which makes it an extremely attractive alternative for urban use in 32 dimensions.

    Many dimensions of the new City Grip 2 can already be found here.

    Starcross 5 Mini

    Because young motocross riders can expect the same performance from their tyres as their idols on the big machines, Michelin has expanded its range of junior cross tyres with a variant of the StarCross 5 series: the new StarCross 5 Mini has the same DNA as the StarCross 5 Medium and covers a wide range of terrain and grip levels. Two years have been invested in the development of this new series, resulting in an attractive mix of high grip and long tyre life.

    The Startcross 5 Mini will be available in our shop shortly.

    Enduro Xtrem

    The toughest conditions are common during extreme events like the Erzbergrodeo, the Romaniacs and the GetzenRodeo. The focus is on grip, traction and durability of the tyre. The new Michelin Enduro Xtrem rear tyre is the result of three years of research and development and is designed to offer high grip on the most demanding surfaces. Besides traction, abrasion resistance is another important aspect of this new tyre which offers the best chance of success for enduro racers. Already in 2019 Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) became World Champion in the WESS Ultimate Enduro World Championship with the MICHELIN Enduro Xtrem. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team with rider Graham Jarvis also relies on the new Enduro Xtrem from Michelin.

    With us you will soon find the Enduro Xtrem for your toughest missions.

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