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    The EU has set up an online portal to help dissatisfied customers. If you have a complaint about goods or services you have bought from us over the internet, you will find a neutral dispute resolution service at to reach an out-of-court settlement. Please note that there are currently (as of 01.02.2017) no dispute resolution bodies for some industries and in some countries. Therefore, as a consumer, you may not be able to use this portal to resolve disputes with us in these countries.

    Further information can be found on the EU online portal. We are not obliged to participate in any dispute resolution procedure before a consumer mediation body. However, we are in principle willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

    Our address:

    Delticom Ltd.
    Eden House
    Two Rivers Business Park
    Station Lane
    OX28 4BL United Kingdom
    Phone: 0808 1891233 (freephone, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm)
    Fax: 01212-103330

    VAT number: GB768438579

    Name of bank: Commerzbank London Branch,IBAN: ,BIC: COBAGB2X

    Please do not send tyres to this address. Unfortunately we cannot accept them here. Please call us or use our contact form.