Sava MC51 Mediterra

    MC51 Mediterra
    Sava   MC51 Mediterra
    A new all-round tyre: Sava MC 51 MEDITERRA

    A new generation of tyres for mopeds and motorcycles of lower cubic capacity has been developed. Tyres behave excellently in all driving conditions: on dry asphalted surface, macadam, sand and easily trafficable terrain. Sava MC51 Mediterra is an all-round tyre noted for its good grip, good drainage and long service life. Owing to its construction tyres can be fitted on the front or rear wheel.
    The carcass of Sava MC 51 Mediterra is robust and its improved resistance to punctures makes it even more suitable for the off-road ride if compared to classic tyres of similar dimensions. Tube-type tyres can be mounted on spoke rims, while tubeless type tyres can be mounted on alloy rims (TL/TT type).
    MC51 tread pattern characteristics: A suitable distance among tread pattern blocks assures a good grip on sand surface, sand grains are ejected relatively quickly. In view from above, tread pattern grooves run in the arrow direction, therefore water and mud are easily drained when driving on soft, soaked surfaces, which improves tyre steering. Large tread pattern blocks provide an improved tyre grip on harder surfaces, since the contact surface is larger and assures better friction between the surface and tyre, which especially finds expression on rocky terrain. Thanks to the large block surface tyre wear is lower than with tread patterns having smaller and densely distributed tread pattern blocks.

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